What is Happiness?

Posted by Tyler Raciti on

If you're looking for secrets to happiness, I promise you that you won't find them in someone else. True happiness can only be found within oneself. Dig deep into your heart and pull out the loving and positive pieces of your soul. Wear them on your sleeve and don't allow anyone to ever take them away. Open your heart and concentrate on all things lovely. Rid of the negativity that weighs you down and when times get tough, remember to keep your faith in the journey. All things in life happen for a reason and at exactly the right time. Although it's often hard to see the signs and messages then, one day you'll look back and it will all make sense. What you're experiencing today is making you stronger. Be grateful for all of those that have been set in your path, for they have helped to shape the person you are today.

Stay positive, share goodness, love deeply, and trust in your life's journey.



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  • I have been handicapped for years. I do not think I will be happy, but I try.

    Julia Goodman on

  • Did you read my mind? wow!! <3

    Anonymous on

  • So beautiful…

    Tracy Weinstein on

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