Social Responsibility

Just as a consumer has choices, at Mantraness, we take our business choices seriously, including in the way we obtain the products we sell. We strive to have a positive impact not only within our e-commerce store but also upon hundreds of material facilities throughout the world which provide material to make our products, as well as on their employees.

We see these choices as part of a work in progress. Sustainability efforts can be challenging and difficult, often hampered by limitations in technology, but we are trying to take the steps in the right direction.


Supplier and Vendor Social Compliance and Ethical Sourcing

We care for our employees and for the employees of hundreds of vendor manufacturing facilities that we work with throughout the world. We want all of these employees to work in safe and healthy environments.


Mantraness shares the same goals of eliminating child and adult forced labor, and we are fully aligned with the spirit and purpose of ending forced labor crisis. Mantraness' commitment to this issue is not new. Since 2016, Mantraness has worked to ensure that none of its third party vendors knowingly obtain their supply of gems from Uzbekistan.


Our Social Responsibility program includes the Mantraness Vendor Audit Program. While many of our vendors have worked with Mantraness for a number of years and are trusted, all suppliers and vendors must provide factory contact information and all factories must participate in the child-labor audit program.


Here are Some Important Elements of our Program:

  • Mantraness enters into a comprehensive agreement with each of our vendors and their factories under which they promise to utilize legally qualified workers, pay them wages which are fair and legal in their jurisdiction, and provide an environment that complies with their legal requirements. Our agreement also covers issues of time off, free association rights, non-discrimination, environmental protection and security, and prohibits the use of forced or slave labor, child labor, or prison labor.
  • These Vendor Compliance Standards were developed to comply with industry standards, local labor laws, the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Core Conventions.
  • Our goal is to work with the Vendors and their factories to help them improve and ensure consistent compliance. However, in the event that we discover very serious violations or violations which are not corrected within a reasonable time period after our corrective action plan has been issued; we may terminate that factory from our roster.

We believe this process assists in guarding against potential unsafe conditions, workplace injuries or mistreatment, and also results in an overall improvement in our Vendors’ factory efficiency and product quality standards.