Dream Weaver - Begin Shifting Your Dreams

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Dream Weaver

I lay down to weave me a lovely dream
As the moon hovered large in the sky
I asked that my life would be wonderful
As I lay in the dark with a sigh

I asked for all my heart could hold
I prayed for relief from the pain
Of trying to make things perfect,
As imperfect, they will always remain

I lay down to weave me a different dream
And my mind was as dark as the night
I let my dream body take leave of me
And venture on, up to the light

And all I asked were the reasons why
My life's been so incredibly hard
Why all my plans and dreams went wrong
Why my heart is so terribly scarred?

Lay down in the dark, my intention so plain
Lay down with my eyes open wide
Though, all I could sense was my pitch black room
And all I could feel was my pride

That I haven’t deserved what has happened to me
I have lived ‘a good life’ as I should
Then a phantom approached me and told me the truth
And his words were to me 'just as food'

“You have lived a good life. You have tried to fit in
And I know that your path has been hard”
“You have got a good heart, yes, we know that as well
But you have always to have the “Ace Card”

"Let go and let God! We know what you need
And now is the right place to start"
I awoke from my dream, but the voices remain
“Follow your heart…
Follow your heart… 

Follow your heart!”


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