About Us


The Mantraness Story

Mantraness focuses on the universe's positive energy, which is at the core of our spiritual beliefs. Every piece of Mantraness jewelry is infused with positive energy in three ways:

  • Careful Craftsmanship. Our jewelry is crafted with love, intention, and healing. The craftsmanship is steeped in spiritual consciousness, closely considering the health of yourself, the environment and local communities.
  • Enlightened Design. Each piece of jewelry encompasses a symbol that carries its own unique — and positive — energy, encouraging the wearer to choose designs with personal meaning.
  • Empowerment. Mantraness bracelets, chains, and charms are crafted to empower the individual who wears them. You can choose combinations of jewelry that speak to your own spiritual journey and lifelong passions, which will empower you as an awakened, autonomous human being.

    Our Shared History

    Every business has its faithfully remembered roots, and Mantraness' beginnings are surely one for the books. Starting in the boroughs of New York City and offering more than just jewelry, it was natural to yearn for a more intimate, personal experience when selecting jewelry  in a city of big-name jewelry brands and dazzling shrines to bling. That is what Mantraness understood when we took to the spiritual jewelry business close to five years ago.

    Formed on the core values we care deeply about,  Mantraness concentrates on bringing our customers fine, fashionable jewelry. Given our burning passion, we're able to produce and provide handcrafted jewelry with high precision. This allows us to offer our customers fashionable, well-priced jewelry for every occasion with professional services.

    And now, Mantraness.com lets you access all that we have to offer, anytime and anywhere you are.