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Vibes: These days, the word is everywhere.

But vibes, short for vibrations, have been a huge part of my work as a psychic medium since far before they were trendy. So when I first started seeing the word printed on T-shirts, underwear, and mugs, my heart sank a little. I thought to myself, "Do people really know what vibes are?" I felt like that stereotypical teenager who listened to a band before they became popular—like I knew the word's real meaning and others did not.

Now, I'm way less cynical. I realize that vibes' popularity is a sign that people are starting to explore their own intuitive nature more. Here are a few things you should know if you're looking to do just that:

Learn the lingo

1. Everything is energy.

Every object you see—from avocados to your favorite lipstick—has its own spiritual energy, or vibe. Ancient cultures studied this energy source for millennia, and it's the force behind today's holistic healing practices like reiki and feng shui. These vibes play off of each other. Think of it like perfume: Vanilla has a scent and orange has a scent, but if you put them together, you would have something else entirely.

2. You feel vibes with your clairsentience.

Clairsentience is a fancy word that stands for "clear feeling." In non-woo-woo language, clairsentience is a pseudo-psychic sense that all people have. It's that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when something is wrong; it's mother's intuition; it's when you feel like that guy you just met is a creep; and it's whenever you walk into a building and can sense something bad happened there. You feel vibes with your clairsentience, which corresponds with the sacral chakra in the lower abdomen. If someone's sacral chakra is balanced, he or she is likely warm, friendly, and full of energy and life.

3. High vibe = high frequency.

When people say high vibe, they're usually referring to something positive. High vibe is another way to describe when something is operating at a high energetic frequency. The higher frequencies are closer to unconditional love and the lower frequencies are closer to fear. You will be able to feel in your gut if something is vibrating at a high or low frequency. The heavier it feels in your belly, the closer it likely is to fear. The lighter it feels, the closer it likely is to love.

4. You can change vibes with your mind.

Your thoughts and emotions have vibes, too, and they can change the vibration of your surroundings. Think about a house, for instance. You can build a beautiful new home, but if you spend months arguing in it, it's going to start feeling stagnant. That's because angry thoughts and feelings register at a low frequency. Luckily, your positive thoughts can balance out this energy. If you begin to give off positive vibes at home, it will actually raise the frequency of your space, no sage, talismans, or crystals necessary.

An easy exercise for tapping into your vibes

Locate your sacral chakra, just below the belly button. Once you get in tune with this area of the body, notice how it changes whenever you see an object, enter a place, or think certain thoughts. Does it feel heavy and sinking or light and airy?

If you feel like something is heavy and vibrates at a low frequency, all you need to do to raise it is begin to interject more positive emotions onto it, into it, and around it. Use your imagination to create your own visualizations. Imagine your positive feelings infusing the object or place in light.
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  • I’m a pretty vibing person already, according to the people who work with me. Enough with their fake “vibes”

    Melancon N. on

  • One thing I’ve discovered about myself after what I’ve been through (or maybe it’s my age lol) is that I can’t hold a grudge on these people! Let them vibe!

    Sue Slater on

  • VIbes never ceases – one must believe. That is the symbolism behind life.

    Tyler Oakley on

  • You need to go to work for Bodo, then after about a year or so, let’s talk about this again!

    Sr. Lt. Luke on

  • Vibes are apart of God, one must pray to me within the love of him 14:24

    Susan on

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