Order Status

 How Do I Check On The Status Of My Order?


Orders take around 12-20 days (ePacket shipping) to be received. If you did not receive any confirmation emails, please check your email spam filter.

Select Mantraness.com as a trusted website domain in your spam filter.

To avoid any duplicate orders, please contact us to verify your order has been placed before resubmitting your order.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your order status to change.

 Why Was My Order Cancelled?


Mantraness was unable to verify the billing information that was entered on the order. If the billing address does not match with what the credit card issuer or bank has on file, the order will be automatically canceled.

If your order has been canceled, please contact your credit card issuer or bank to verify that the billing information is correct. Afterward, create a new order using the correct billing address.

If you still need assistance please contact us.

I Cannot Find The Answers To My Questions, How Do I Reach Customer Service?

Please Click here to contact customer service.